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Learning through working. Working at the grassroots made me realise the big difference between those who claim to represent communities as well as the communities themselves. Common man is crushed between the ambitions of various individuals to lead and dominate. The dominant and high numbered communities will always dominate our discourse and the most marginalised are losing in this entire discourse. That is the reason why Mushahar remain at the marginalised and the issue of manual scavenging still not on our top agenda and to eliminate that the community has to decide its own organisations..

I am devoted to freedom of ideas and expression. I personally feel that we in the subcontinent want to dominate and control our discourse and each one of is a ultra nationalist in terms of their caste and community. Nationalism is not just national and political but it is equally in term of religion and caste. I feel each kind of nationalism is a dominant discourse which deny the dissenter a right to speak.

At the end, we all want to listen the truth suitable to us.. we have become expertised in the art of speaking truth of convenience. As long as that remain hall mark of our society and we speak to already converts, this society will remain stagnant, it will always try to control our ideas and choices. We need to oppose any such perception, ideas that want to control our mind and victimise us.

To understand India further, I feel, it is good to do foot walk, ( Padyatras) to various parts of the country. I have so far done it thrice covering nearly 1500-2000 kilometers. It is always interesting to see how people are coping their issues and what is the reason of their exploitation.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

High Court on Manual Scavenging

Times of India

on manual scavenging

CHENNAI: The Madras High Court has directed the Tamil Nadu government to approach the Centre to bring in necessary amendments in the law for effective implementation of ban on the practice of manual scavengingin the state. 

The first bench comprising chief justice M Yusuf Eqbal and justice TS Sivagnanam was passing further orders on a contempt of court petitions against the municipal administration and Metrowater authorities. It also requested the additional solicitor-general, M Ravindran, to pursue the matter with the Centre and get the Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act 1993 amended. 

It all began with a public interest writ petition filed by a Chennai-based non-governmental organisation against the widely prevalent practice of manual cleaning of sewers in the city. The high court, expanding the scope of the PIL, imposed a blanket ban on the practice all over the state. It also directed the authorities to constitute a committee to hold periodical meetings and review of the situation. 

However, claiming that the authorities concerned had not made serious efforts to curb the menace and that no periodical meetings were held as per court orders, the NGO initiated the present contempt proceedings. It also named the municipal administration secretary, Ashok Varadhan Shetty, and the Metrowater managing director, Rajesh Lakhoni. Following a notice from the court, the officials appeared in person in the court in December 2010. 

When the matter came up for further hearing, government advocate M Sneha furnished a copy of a letter dated January 25, stating that the state government has requested the Centre to make suitable amendments to the Act for the effective implementation of the directions of the court. 

Recording the submissions, it directed the state to approach the Centre, and requested additional solicitor-general of South India Ravindran to do the needful for the speedy amendment of the Act. 

Read more: HC tells govt to approach Centre for amending law on manual scavenging - The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/HC-tells-govt-to-approach-Centre-for-amending-law-on-manual-scavenging/articleshow/7407900.cms#ixzz1CsGMuVx9

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